The Iris Boarding School Complex is a boarding school complex in the Free Lands of the Selkie, more specifically in Fortham. As a school complex, it covers from Elementary School to High School, although most students join at Middle School Age. It has often been called the Selkie-Version of one of the Old Academies of Kyrenaia, but such allusions have always been denied (although both school administrations admit, that there are certain similarities).

In the School Year 2019, the Iris Boarding School Complex had 193 classes with a total of 4,139 students.


In 2019, the school hosted the 2019 Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Convention.

A year later, they hosted the 2020 Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Convention.


The entire campus of the Iris Boarding School Complex encompasses an area of five square kilometres (5 km²), with the Rectorate being exactly fifteen kilometres west of Fortham. Centre of the entire campus is Mount Dosháraithe, the highest point of the campus, with an insurmountable 39 metres. At its foot, the three Main Streets meet on the Plaza, the 28,350 m² (210x135m) large central plaza of the complex, where most of the larger festivities and festivals happen.

The Eastern Road leads through the hills around the Plaza to the east, towards Sail, then Fortham. The Northern or Lake Road leads to Lake Lárnach, where the Dorm Complex officially begins, then further into the Dorm Complex, towards Lake Linn, Lake Rad and Lake Cas. A road branches off at Lake Lárnach, leading to Lake Inis and Lake Lochan. The Southern Road leads down to Lake Teorainn, where the southern end of the camous is met and the Teorainn Estate begins.

School Complex

The school buildings of the Iris Boarding School Complex are located in the School Complex, which is located north and north-west of the Plaza, the main buildings being along the River Road up until it meets Lake Lárnach and the Dorm Complex.

Additional installations, like the riding field, the swimming bath and the sports fields can be found along the Southern Road, with many of the project spaces being located there as well.

In total, the Iris Boarding School Complex has teaching room capacities for 250 classes of 25 students or 6,250 students.

Dorm Complex

The Dorm Complex is a small village in and of itself, with its own small railway station, two corner stores and a stationary store, as well as a washing salon, an infirmary, four restaurants (three of which employ students, the last of which is run by students), a number of technicians (although many students prefer to solve many of their problems internally).

More importantly, the Dorm Complex consists of over two hundred multi-family houses, where the students live in their own little 'families' of around five students. These houses are usually headed by a Dorm Mam, which looks after the young people living there and that they don't burn the house down (or worse).

The Iris offers its students (and their families) the option to stay at the Dorms over winter. Around a hundred students do so every year. These students are usually called garastún (garrison) in the internal parlance of the Iris.


The Iris Boarding School Complex can be reached by a regional railway line, which ends at the Iris Station in the Dorm Complex. Another option would be by street, which goes past the village of Sail, where most of the off-campus living staff lives.

Spiritual Infrastructure

On the grounds of the Iris Boarding School Complex, a total of three temples and eight sacred groves can be found, as well as two prayer rooms. The temples are dedicated to Rhiannon, Gavida and Carman Fea, a.k.a. the Students' Trias, while the groves are mostly dedicated to local deities of varying natures. All three temples are maintained by a priest each, while they supervise the cleaning and maintenance of the groves by volunteering students.

School Uniforms


Kiah Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan in Girls' School Uniform of the Iris, ca. 2014.

The Iris Boarding School uses Sweater Style Uniforms for boys and girls alike, only with slight differences. The shirt forming the foundation is a white shirt, with short sleeves only being allowed during July and August, otherwise being long-sleeved. The sweater is beige and can, if the temperature is unbearable, be removed. Girls wear a bow and a grey skirt, while boys wear grey pants and a tie.

Girls may add thighhighs, while both genders may add caps. The Iris does not have any regulations about the school bags or rain jackets (which is why rainy days are also known as the "Colourful Days" in the internal jargon of the Iris).

Famous students and alumni

See Category: Students and Teachers of the Iris Boarding School Complex.

Over the many years of its existence, the Iris Boarding School had many students, which reached fame in their lives, in religious fields like Morgane Macánta of the Tribe of Cork, business like Yvain Saighead of the Tribe of Westmeath, the military like Corrin Paisúile of the Tribe of Monaghan and Gwen Máthrachas of the Tribe of Fermanagh and in arts, like Viola Macnasach of the Tribe of Sligo.

Staff List (excerpt)

Main Subject Teachers

Elective Class Teachers

Teachers Attending to After-School Activities

After-School Activities

Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team, a.k.a. the Coileáin

The Iris Boarding School Complex maintains its own Sensha-Do Team, the Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team, a.k.a. the Coileáin (the cubs), which is currently headed by Finnya Cor of the Tribe of Cork.

The team was founded by enthusiasts in 1989 and thus is older then the Naval School Sensha-Do Team, their great local competitors. The team hosted the 2019 Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Convention, the first of, as they hoped, many.

Swimmer Team

Iris Swimmer Team Part

Three lads of the Swimmer Team in uniform, from left: Aonghus Buí of the Tribe of Fermanagh, Kean Dearg of the Tribe of Wicklow and Flynn Gorm of the Tribe of Cavan.

In the School Years 2013, 2014 and 2015, the Swimmer Team was headed by Kiah Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan.

Football Team

The Iris Boarding School Complex boasts a total of five football teams, one of the Elementary Section and two each of the High and Middle School Sections. Additionally, an 'all-stars' team is nominated every team for a fundraiser tournament.

Orienteering Team

Literature Club

Conservatory Club

The Conservatory Club, a.k.a. the Green Thumb Club, is dedicated to growing and conserving plants in the green houses, as well as with supplying the restaurants with herbs.

Astronomy Club

Younger Militia

The Younger Militia maintains a number of units at the Iris, among them the Iris-Pikemen and the Iris-Lancers,

The Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team is also

In 1903, during the Battle of Anfa Ridge, the Iris Pikemen excelled in holding the line.

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