Isa Tropp is the current CEO of Reiseboreau TAMS, a company founded by her and headed with her three friends Lykke Aktillas, Falk Mehr and Elfi Sunn.


Isa was born in 1989 in Port Monee, where she was a student at the Baron Firmin Mädchengymnasium from 2001 to 2008. She had a solid educational career, made her Hochschulreife, but decided to make an apprenticeship with a traveling agency from 2009 to 2012.

From 2009 to 2010, she had a short affair with her (at the time) colleague Falk Mehr, but nothing came from it. The two remained friends, so much so, that he is now her company's manager.

After her successful apprenticeship, she worked with the company until 2015, when she decided to establish her own, the Reiseboreau TAMS with a few friends. As an online-company, she quickly had success, but so far, did not see much need to greatly expand the company. She does not plan to establish large bureaus, but to stay online, and to work from there.


Isa loves to travel and when it became apparent, what Reiseboreau TAMS would accomplish in which way, she was all the more excited. She can come off as naive, but one would be wrong to underestimate her.

Personal Relations

Her employees

With her employees, Isa has a close relationship,

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