Isla Stiúrthóir of the Tribe of Fingal is a Lancemaiden and leader of the Demonstration-Lance of the Cosantóirí Theampall an Chorn. She is also rated as a member of the Beasts of Rhiannon. On occasion, she competes as a Marcach for the Lancemaidens. She went through the training of a Priestess of Rhiannon, but, due to her obligation towards the Lancemaidens, she prioritizes those duties. On occasion, she writes cooking books of Selkie-Cuisine, especially for its salads.

Her horse's name is Teachtaire (Messenger) and he is a Strainséir.


Isla was born in 1994 in Fortham, as daughter of a Priestess of Rhiannon, namely the Arcane Priestess Lyra Stiúrthóir of the Tribe of Fingal, and her husband.

From 2000, she attended the Iris Boarding School Complex and was an important part of the Younger Militia Units raised by the school. While she had little dealings with the Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team, she did become an important part of the Iris-Lancers from an early age as a stablehand and a messenger. When she was 15 and entered High School, she joined them formally.

At the same time, in 2009, Isla joined the Lancemaidens of Rhiannon. Upon graduation in 2012, she decided to devote her career to the Cult of Rhiannon and the Lancemaidens, joining the Seminary of Chorn in 2013. She graduated from there in 2016.

During those three years, she became a Sergeant of the Lancemaidens, then a Beast of Rhiannon in 2014, somehow falling in love with the heavy armour and what it was associated with. By graduation from the Seminary in 2016, Isla was a member of the Defenders of the Temple of Chorn.

From there, Isla became a part of the Demonstration Lance, ascended to becoming its Second in Command in 2018 and then its leader in 2019. During that time, she represented the Lancemaidens as a Marcach on several occasions, and from there as well. One of these occasions was the 2019 Launceston Harvest Festival.


Isla in swimsuit

Isla in her favourite swimsuit.

Isla is a strict commanding officer,

Isla is a swimmer by hobby and is a practitioner of Kyrkrautian Marking and Kyrenaian Footvolley. She does none of these sports competitively, but she has a lot of fun with them. When she wears swimsuits, which happens far too rarely, as far as she is concerned, she prefers those with good coverage.

Personal Relations

Felicia Ab of the Tribe of Fermanagh

Kean Tuadóir of the Tribe of Wexford

Isla and Kean share a relationship of many inconsistencies, both being Marcach and both being lancers actually poising them to be fierce rivals and competitors - and to an extend, they are, while on the field. Off the field, the two of them are quite good friends,

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