Iuna Radharceolaíocht of the Tribe of Westmeath is a student at the Iris Boarding School Complex and gunner of one of the Coileáin's Crogall Amphibious Armoured Vehicles, namely of Ronm-Dó.


Iuna Radharceolaíocht of the Tribe of Westmeath was born in 2003 in Lodge, as daughter of an unknown father and a teenage mom, who became a model and photographer for Bicíní Industries in 2005, namely Fiona Radharceolaíocht of the Tribe of Westmeath. Iuna's early childhood was not happy, but she and her mother made do, until times got better. Jokes and humour and little pranks often kept the spirits up. In 2009, she took the entrance exams for the Iris Boarding School Complex and succeeded.

She joined the Coileáin in 2014, always as a gunner, first on a Faolchú Armoured Personnel Carrier for the Gabha G-80 76mm Gun, then on a Crogall Amphibious Armoured Vehicle from 2016. She was with Ronm-Dó from that point onwards, working together with Nolwenn quite well, both when she was a driver and when she was vehicle commander.

Iuna is set to graduate in 2022. She does not yet know, what she wants to do afterwards.


Iuna is the crew's jokester, always available for a joke or two and able of taking one or two, too - except when it comes to her chest. That one is a taboo. Beneath all of that, however, is something only her three closest friends know, a deep and thoughtful young woman with an empathy matched by few.

Iuna is heterosexual and single.

Personal Relations

Cao, Deirdre and Nolwenn

While she lets Nolwenn have her fun as Big Sis Nolly, as she calls it, Iuna is more like the fun middle sister to Cao and Deirdre, always up to no good and something fun, even and especially at the expense of their elder sister.

No one knows, how, but somehow, despite all pranks, Nolwenn and Iuna share a deep bond.

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