Jagdschloss Rehkitzsprung, internationally known as Rehkitzsprung Hunting Lodge, is a small Jagdschloss or Hunting Lodge in the Klopferwald in the Herzogtum von Dorch, near the town of Rehwasser.

It is known as the favourite Schloss of Malte von Dorch, the current Herzog von Dorch, who likes Rehkitzsprung's remoteness away from the hustle and bustle of the two-million people city of Dorch 50 kilometers away (beeline).


The entire complex was renovated in 2016.

In 2020, Herzog Malte hosted the 2020 Rehkitzsprung Soiree here.



The Klopferwald is a large forest, around 250 square kilometers in size and, at the widest point, 27 kilometers across. 75 square kilometers belong to the Herzögliches Gut Klopferwald, the rest belongs to the Klopferwald Nature Reserve, which is a wild fauna and flora reserve.

Parts of the Herzögliches Gut Klopferwald are accessible to the public via hiking trails.


Rehwasser is a small town at the outskirts of the Klopferwald, numbering 2,974 inhabitants in 2018. The town is a popular destination for weekend vacations from all over Teressien, especially for hikers and campers. A number of hotels and Gasthäuser of varying quality are within the small town, which is bisected by a small river. Said river is known as the Rehwasser and unites 25 kilometers downstream with the Byrfluss, which then runs its course into the Dorcher Bucht.

Rehwasser is well connected to the railway network, a regional train passing through every hour during the day, and the street network.


Site plan of the Jagdschloss.

Generally speaking, the complex is arranged around an Inner Courtyard, which also doubles as a garden - while a paved road connects the gate, the stairs in front of the Main Entrance and the Stables, the majority of the area is green and designed to offer some splendid sun over the morning and afternoon and a nice area to hold major assemblies and parties at the open air.

The Jagdschloss is connected to the outside world via a two-lane road leading to the Main Gate, which leads to Rehwasser. Also, the Herzoglicher Wanderpfad begins at the Jagdschloss, although hikers are usually stopped well before the Guardhouse, a small post of the Polizei des Herzogtums Dorch.

The buildings are built of wood and stone, offering a rustic, natural atmosphere. The timber-framed buildings are built in the classic style of old towns all over the Großkleckserl.

Main Building

The Main Building is the heart and center of the Jagdschloss, a timber-framed building of wood and brick, three stories high, plus an attic, plus a two level cellar and the tourelle or turret at the north eastern corner. Said tourelle reaches from the ground five levels upwards and ends in a flat platform.

The terrace, adjacent to the Main Building and the Guest House, is more for private gatherings and lounging.

A bridge leads from the terrace to the opposite bank of the stream and to the Greenhouse and the small cove intended as a natural bathing spot (and rarely used as such). Crossing the bridge also sets one on the Herzoglicher Wanderpfad, the Ducal Hiking Trail.

Guest House

Stable (Garage)

The Garage offers carports for up to 25 cars and has an adjacent workshop for those interested, in need and/or capable of their own repairs or modifications. The Garage also houses the four vehicles belonging to the staff of the Jagdschloss.

Maid House

Service Building



Leni Horstenau in uniform.

The Staff of Jagdschloss Rehkitzsprung consists of 46 people, led by the Head-Hausmädchen Leni Horstenau. Maids and butlers use the same uniform in all houses belonging to the House of Dorch.

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