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The Jawiyun-War of 1921 is usually counted as the first of the Decolonization Wars, less of a war of independence of a colony, but more of a conflict between two sovereign nations, Kyrenaia and XYZ, of the Territory of Jawiyun, a Kyrenaian Colony. XYZ's reason for the intervention were alleged human rights abuses by Kyrenaian Authorities, which were, in an inquiry after the war, confirmed and punished accordingly.


Jawiyun, in the local language Kaupapa, was first settled around 9,000, tribespeople departing their original homelands for some reason or the other.


Claims to the Territory

The Jawiyun-War of 1921

Lessons in new technologies: Tanks and Planes

Further History

"Give us Citizenship!"-Movement

The "Give us Citizenship!"-Movement, or Homai ki a matou Raraunga!-Movement or HMR-Movement, is a political movement in Jawiyun, which wishes to make the status of Jawiyun within Kyrenaia clear. While the inhabitants of Jawiyun have all rights of Kyrenaian Citizens, they are not Kyrenaian Citizens and thus demonstrate for either independence or full status as a Khanate, preferably subordinate to the Ilkhanate of Sarepta. Ilkhan Idris has already led a delegation of influential people from the Territory to the Palace of the Azure Hall to talk things through with Razia-Sultana Umm Albilad, who is not entirely opposed to that idea.

A decision is expected in 2021, at the 100th anniversary of the Jawiyun-War.