Jette Schreyg is a Teressian actress and waitress, freshly graduated from Herzogin Elfi Mädchengymnasium in Dorch-Kanalsted. She is the younger sister of actress Aaltje Schreyg.


In 2016, Jette began to work as a maid in the same restaurant as her older sister, on recommendation of her older sister, and still works there despite being an actress as well. She says, that it pays a steadier income, as she does not plan to make acting her career. Upon being asked, what she would make her career, then, she replied, that she would love to go into training as a Gastwirtin, which is usually (and not completely correctly) translated as Restaurateur.


  • Geisterhaus, 2010.
  • Geisterhaus II - Todeswolpertinger (2011).
  • Lichtfest, 2011.
  • Strandhotel, 2017.
  • , 2019.


Jette Schreyg-2

In Maid Uniform, during her time as a maid in a restaurant.

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