The KGS-26 Carbine is an carbine/assault rifle in the service of the Armies of the Five Deserts, the Sultan's Navy and the Armed Forces of Markaz. It is a bull-up assault rifle, replacing the KGS-22 Carbine as main service rifle.


The KGS-26 is a bullup assault rifle, designed around the 5.45x40mm Intermediate Cartridge, the new cartridge of the Armed Forces of the Sultanate, also being used in the KGS-21 Heavy Submachine Gun. Capable of operating in almost any environment, the KGS-26 is also offered on the export market to trusted allies and friends of the Sultanate.

The carbine knows four modes: Safe, fully-automatic, three-round burst and semi-automatic, the switch located above the pistol grip, in safe reach for the thumb.

Together with the, similarly bullup, KGS-21, both weapons use long-stroke gas pistons with rotating bolts for operations, which allows for easier operations due to a simpler process and less moving parts, but also makes aiming in fully automatic firing harder, due to the centre of mass shifting.

The KGS-26 is manufactured out of polymers wherever possible, saving weight. The weapon can also be equipped with additional sights to use the effective firing range between 300-500 metres effectively, underslung weapons (including a grenade launcher) and can be equipped with flashlights and laserpointers.


The Quest for a New Service Rifle began in 2010,

In 2017, upon introduction into the first units of the Armies of the Five Deserts, the Armed Forces of Markaz expressed interest,

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