Ensign Kayla Urchair of the Tribe of Sligo, nicknamed Kay, is a student of the Naval School and


Born in 2000 in Perran to Liliane Urchair of the Tribe of Sligo and Finnegan Urchair of the Tribe of Sligo (at the time a platoon commander of the 14th Regiment of Hussars, nowadays commanding officer of the II./23rd, Kayla is what is typically called a military brat and as such, she decided to join the SDF from an early age - however, as it always drew her to new lands and strange places, she joined the Naval School in 2010, having passed the entrance tests half a year prior. There, she also met Fiona Bláth of the Tribe of Wexford.

The two took a while to warm up to each other, but once they did, they were fast friends. However, Kayla did not share the other young woman's enthusiasm for Tank Sport at first - in 2012, Fiona took her to an exhibition match of the sport, where Kayla fell in love with the big machines used. Upon foundation of the Naval School Sensha-Do Team in 2016, she joined together with Fiona, although not with the same fervor. She began to drive the Faolchú Armoured Personnel Carrier Raicleabán-Aon for fun and soon became adept at it.

After her graduation in 2018, Kayla joined the SDF-Navy and their Officer's Training Programme as an Ensign. She, crushing on Captain Galen Trodaí of the Tribe of Westmeath, would naturally prefer to be stationed aboard SDFS Maighdean. In autumn of 2019, her wish became a short-lived reality as she made her first training cruise aboard SDFS Maighdean.


People are often surprised by the maturity and motherly instincts, which Kayla shows, especially towards the Little Squadron (the first years at the Naval School, which joined the Team as trainees),

As a driver

Kayla is a good driver, safe and secure, especially when she has passengers. She is one of the few students of the Naval School, who not only has a car driving license but also a car, a Gabha Motorworks Mionsamhail.

However, in battle, she shows ruthless abandon and almost bloodthirst, as well as wildness, which is balanced out by Fiona and her strict commander attitude - which had often led to the comparison, that Fiona is a Marcach, while Kayla is a Beast of Rhiannon.

Personal Relations

Captain Galen Trodaí of the Tribe of Westmeath

Kayla crushes on the Captain of SDFS Maighdean, "big time", as Fiona once said. So she was completely out of it with joy, when Fiona used her connections (namely her father) to arrange a meeting with the man, who

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