Kaylee Paisúile of the Tribe of Galway is an author (both of novels and nonfiction works), poet, musician (guitar, Selkie Country Music), Marcach specialized in the art of swordfighting and model of Bicíní Industries. As a girl from Droichid Island, she owns her own boat, the Scanradh.

She is a member of the Cabhair Group.


In 2004, Kaylee lost her left eye in an accident, wearing an eyepatch ever since.

She began to train with the sword, adapting to the Kyrenaian Type 3C Sabre rather quickly, in 2006, compensating for her lack of a left eye by adapting her entire fighting style.

She debuted as a model of Bicíní Industries during the 2013 Archipelago Schooting and loved the job, returning time and time again. From the money of her first shooting, she bought her boat, the Scanradh.

In 2020, Kaylee traveled abroad to the 2020 Port Serenity Music Festival in Kuronami, playing the evening concert at the Seafarer Bar and Grill. A few months later, she fought for the Redruth Sword Cup at the local Spring Festival, securing fourth place.




Kaylee is a tough young woman. She has a strong sense of justice and does not hesitate to stand up for what she perceives as right... including picking fights, which she can't win (and which she knows, which she can't win).

Kaylee is rather sensitive about her eyepatch and does not like to talk about it, despite being a part of her image. Kaylee is openly bisexual.


Kaylee is a tough woman, her poetry and novels reflecting that - including her characters' difficulties in finding and understanding love. Similar topics can be found in her songs, some of which are sung by her characters. Oftentimes, her characters are Selkie Country Musicians like herself.

In nonfiction, Kaylee is a hard teacher. Her main subject is fighting with the fists, with daggers, swords and all sorts of things. Although she did apply to become a Swordmaster, she failed the test in 2015 and 2017. She plans her next go at it in 2020.

Personal Relations

Branwen Blaidd, of Tralee Descent

To her fellow author, Kaylee has an interesting relationship, especially since they had been in an on-off-relationship since 2018.

Mhairi Uasal of the Tribe of Fermanagh

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