Kendra Sciamhach of the Tribe of Waterford is an Ambassador of the Free Lands and professional diplomat, and one of the more experienced ones as well.


Kendra Sciamhach of the Tribe of Waterford is an orphan, called gan teach na dtuismitheoirí in Selkie (translated freely 'without parental home'), raised in the Riverbank Orphanage until she was of age. She practiced Sword Dances at a younger age, but although she was good, she decided to study instead.

Money won in competitions financed her studies of International Politics. She was good enough to draw the attention of Donald Crionna onto her, who recruited her for the Foreign Office once she finished her studies. As she couldn't enter services of the Free Lands without a parental home, he simply adopted her.

As Crionna wasn't the youngest anymore, that urged Kendra to jockingly call him Daideo, Gramps, instead of Daid, Dad, which gave rise to Crionna's status as Honory Grandfather of the members of the Ambassador Groups and the Foreign Office down the road.

In 2013, she was appointed as a member of the Ambassador Groups, beginning training and making first visits. Some time in 2016, she began to wear glasses as a fashion accessoire, her eyes being fully healthy.

Kendra is also a handywoman, living alone in a house not far away from Fortham, near the village of Ainmhí, an old fortified farmstead, where the Ambassador Groups can stay for a bit, her door always being open for friends and honorary family.


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