Khalid Faris, also known under his artist's name Khalid F., is a student of the TBA, and second-oldest son of Beyeha Fadwa Faris. He is also an artist, specializing in photography, mostly nude photography. He is also the owner of the Sand Wolf Shahhadh (beggar).

In early 2019, he found a girlfriend in Laila Mithal. They broke up in friendship and peace a few months later, finding out that a distance relationship wasn't something for either of them.



  • Several photobooks, starting 2019.


Khalid often gives off the aura of a long-suffering artist, which is not untrue.

Personal Relations

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Aurelia and Khalid were, at some point, under pressure of Fadwa Faris to become a couple - while both are friends, there was no spark between them, thus, the attempt failed. Instead of dragging it on for the sake of appearances, they told both their parents, that it was not going to work.

Unlike his mother, he does not want to harm her for any perceived slight, but he wishes her all the best.

Laila Mithal

Laila and Khalid broke apart in friendship, no war of roses in sight. On the contrary, they stayed in contact and touch, even meeting up a few times. She even posed as a model for him twice, appearing in his photobooks.

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