Khalid Lahia, better known under his artist's name Ahmar, is a Kyrenaian Musician, Rapper and DJ. He is best known for his aggressive lyrics.

Admiral Abbas Lahia is his father.



Musical Style

Lahia is known for his aggressive lyrics and their aggressive delivery,

Personal Relations

His Father

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Ironically enough, despite his songs about "fuck[ing] the cunt-munching right out of [her]" and similar phrases, Lahia respects Princess Aurelia and finds her hot. He is especially impressed by her continuing fight for Homosexual Marriage, a cause he supports himself.

Though, he still says quite often, that the Sultana should leave Aurelia with him for a night and the problem of her being Bisexual would be dealt with. And she might meet her Great-Grandchildren nine months later.

Aurelia herself is more bemused by it then anything else.

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