Amina bint-Karim is the current Khana of Sheliak and a part-time model for Bicíní Industries, as well as a clothes designer herself.

Due to her own inability to have children, she took in a ward, Marla Ribín of the Tribe of Cork. She is currently grooming her to be the next Khana of Sheliak.


Amina is the Great-Granddaughter of the father of Tariqa bint-Ilia, thus related to Razia-Sultana.


Strict and hard when being in Khana-Mode (as Marla calls it), she is actually calm, friendly

Personal Relations

Marla Ribín of the Tribe of Cork/Princess Marla bint-Amina

Marla is the daughter of an old competitor, who died, his wife soon committing suicide out of grief. Taking in the girl as her ward

Marla is aware of being adopted and while she held it against the Khana first, they managed to warm up to each other over time.

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