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Amina bint-Karim is the current Khana of Sheliak and a part-time model for Bicíní Industries, as well as a clothes designer herself.

She took in a ward, Princess Marla bint-Amina, in 2015. She is currently grooming her to be the next Khana of Sheliak. The reason for that is unknown, rumours being abound, ranging from Amina being infertile to Marla actually being her child - the Muaqab Palace stopped commenting.


Amina was born in 1984 as the oldest daughter of Khan Karim ibn-Tarek and his wife, Khana Amana bint-Fara, a sister of Khana Tiana bint-Fara, the Khana of Las at the time, making her the cousin of Aynur, Ilkhana of Megido and Khana Dilara bint-Samira, the current Khana of Las. From her father's side, she is the Granddaughter of a brother of Tariqa bint-Ilia, thus related to Razia-Sultana. Amina has two younger sisters, Princess Daria bint-Karim and Princess Tiana bint-Amana.

In 1990, she started her school education, switching to the HGA in 1997. Although Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia, at the time 20, considered Amina for the Tribute, she was not chosen ultimately, giving her time to join the Fashion Club and the Swimmer Team, the latter in the Reserve. She graduated in 2003, then did her Service with the 39th Helicopter Brigade, becoming an Air Cavalry Woman and designated markswoman (and a very good shot with the KGS-22 Carbine).

After that, in 2005, she began her studies in Politics, making her Bachelor in 2009, with side-studies in fashion and fashion design as well. She joined the administration of the Khanate of Sheliak in the same year, convincing her father to search investors to use the natural beauty of Sheliak as a tourist destination, not to mention other avenues of business coming along with it. She had understood, that her home was not a place for classic industry, so she searched for alternative ventures - tourism was but the beginning.

The plan worked and by 2011, Sheliak was experiencing a rise in economic activity. In 2012, Amina opened the Computer Park, a complex dedicated to teaching young minds how to program and to stimulate older minds in new applications and developments, making Sheliak into a hotbed for digital innovations.

In 2013, her Father died of a sudden heart attack, Amina ascending to the throne. That year was also the premiere of the Oea Air Race, a large air race held in the city as a tourist attraction, initiated by Karim-Khan due to his love for that sport - the pilots surprised both Amina and the audience by flying in tayar aljanah almafqud, the Kyrenaian Version of the Missing Man Formation. Since then, Amina opens the air race every year.

In 2015, a competitor of hers and a friend died with his wife in an accident, leaving their daughter, Marla Ribín of the Tribe of Cork, orphaned. Amina took the child in and adopted her - despite a few rough starts, the two could connect and became a good team. It also solved another problem for Amina: The quest for an heir.

Since 2017, Amina models for Bicíní Industries, a part of the proceeds of every sale made with clothes worn or designed by her going to charity. In 2019, that was for a new children's ward at the Ulu General Hospital in the Khanate of Jazirat Alshahwa, which was in dire need of an upgrade.

In June 2020, she attended the 2020 Winter Ball in Caloris, Kuronami in search for investors.


Khana Amina in her favourite swimsuit, courtesy of Bicíní Industries and the 2018 Archipelago Shooting.

Strict and hard when being in Khana-Mode (as Marla calls it), she is actually a calm and patient woman, but also a very proud woman. Especially Marla gets to feel that pride as Amina is not above harsh, but fair criticism in training her Princess.

She has a rather deep voice for a woman, deep in contralto-territory, yet she hasn't enjoyed training as a singer - she has little musical talent. What she has talent as is a fashion designer and as a swimmer, the latter, however, being mostly a hobby.

Amina is a closet-bi, playing with the thought of coming out ever since Aurelia came out. She wears glasses as accessories.

Personal Relations

Marla Ribín of the Tribe of Cork/Princess Marla bint-Amina

Marla is the daughter of an old competitor, who died, his wife soon committing suicide out of grief. Taking in the girl as her ward

Marla is aware of being adopted and while she held it against the Khana first, they managed to warm up to each other over time.

To Marla's Handmaiden, Dilara Turi, Amina has a respectful relationship,

Aynur Naem

Her Personal Handmaiden is

Aynur, when it comes to raising Marla, is the Good Cop to Amina's Bad Cop.