Dilara bint-Samira is the current Khana of the Khanate of Las, although Aynur, Ilkhana of Megido, currently holds the regency by Dilara's wishes due to her first wanting to finish her Service.

She is the daughter of the sister of Aynur's Mother, Khana Tiana bint-Fara, which makes her Aynur's cousin and the aunt of Princess Fara bint-Dardan, Princess Fadia bint-Dardan and Prince Okan ibn-Dardan.


When, in 1987, Dilara's cousin Aynur married Dardan, Ilkhan of Megido, the Khanate of Las was, for a time, at a loss without a suitable heir, until Aynur's sister Samira was called upon, who had a daughter - Dilara. Samira was instated as heir of Tiana-Khana,

In 2016, both Samira and then Tiana died, leaving Dilara to ascent to the throne, barely 16 herself. She decided, following the council of Dardan, the Ilkhan of Megido, to establish a regency, naming her cousin Aynur as regent and using the time to finish her school and Service before she would ascent to the throne and rule.

In 2018, she was at the Sinope 2018 Harbour Festival, conducting several show-fights against her cousin Aynur and later had dinner with her family.

She graduated from the Al-Khansa Girls' Academy in Megido in 2019 and began her Service with the 113th Armoured Brigade, 7th Lasite Mechanized Division. In 2021, she will be discharged as a Corporal.


Dilara is a proud young woman, sometimes being called too proud,

Dilara is a gifted swordswoman, preferring the Type 4 Sabre, in best tradition of her Khanate.

Personal Relations

Prince Okan ibn-Dardan

Dilara counts herself amongst the many admirers of her nephew, something, he, being older, returns to a certain degree. She admires his wisdom and strength, as well as his never-surrender attitude,

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