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The Khanate of Las is a Khanate in the Ilkhanate of Megido in Kyrenaia, known for its very dry climate, its culture and Sand Surfing.

Current Khana is Khana Dilara bint-Samira, but her cousin Aynur, Ilkhana of Megido is regent until 2021.


  • 985: Robber-Bands in the Las Mountains declare themselves as a Khanate under Yasmin-Khana (a.k.a. Yasmin the Robber).
  • 1819: End of the Divide, men are allowed to enter towns and cities in Las.

Ilkhanas of Megido and Sultanas coming from Las

Since 1301, the conception of the Ilkhanate of Megido, a total of ten Princesses of Las sat on the Throne of the Ilkhanate, with four of them becoming Sultanas in their lifetimes. The most famous Sultana from Las is Ellaha II., known for her role in the Fenchu-Rebellion, her marriage to Yari ibn-Farid being the dynastic foundation of the Ilkhanate until today.

The current Ilkhana, Aynur, is a daughter of Las as well.


Aside from Arados, there are several more major cities in Las, one of them being Marat


Generally very, very dry.



The Armies of the Five Deserts have several important garrisons and units in the Khanate, most famously the 7th Lasite Mechanized Division, the 15th Lasite Airmobile Division and the 134th (Arados) Interceptor Wing. The Special Forces have a number of units garrisoned in the Khanate as well. Other then that, the Aikhbar Army Training and Proving Grounds, the Alriya Artillery and Air Shooting Range and the Evaluation and Testing Centre 106 are in the Khanate as well.

The Khanate has a small strip of coast, around Tunalmak, which has a the capability of supporting support vessels and small warships of the Sultan's Navy, but no formally established station. Tunalmak can also serve as embarkation port for troops and equipment.



The first thing usually remarked about when speaking of the Khanate of Las is the fact, that for a long time, women suppressed men until the end of the 19th century. In fact, up until 1819, there were laws, that no man above thirteen years of age could enter towns and cities in Las, basically being confined to villages.

It is still tradition for young women to go out into the world to pick a husband, although he is now allowed to live with her in town. For nearly eleven centuries now, the Khanate of Las had been ruled by a woman, its princesses less renown for their beauty and more for their strength.


A Sandswimmer with his owner, cuddling.

The people of Las practice riding and Equestrian Combat Sports, although they do not only ride horses, but also Sandswimmers. These large animals grow to a total length of seven metres on average, huge scaled beasts, which can only be controlled after years of training and dedication. The riders on these animals were the most fearsome force on any battlefield, yet only a few dozen were available.

Religion - The Voice in the Mountains

The majority of the people of Las follow not the Kyrenaian Polytheism, but their own beliefs in the Voice in the Mountains, Savt Filjibal in their tongue, who cares for them and protects them. All trying to mission them into any other religions usually ended with failure. The people of Las are usually described as devout. The holiest places of the Cult are in Marat.


One of the most important industrial work providers in the Khanate is the Arados Arsenal, an arms manufacturer producing many of the vehicles of the Armies of the Five Deserts and the other armed forces of the Sultanate, as well as of the Police.