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The Khanate of Sheliak is one of the Khanates within the Ilkhanate of Utica, currently ruled by Khana Amina bint-Karim. Capital and Seat of Government is Oea. The Summer and Vacation Seat of the Ilkhana of Utica, the Baed Palace, is near Oea as well.

Previously known as Kyrenaia's Poorhouse, reforms and investments by Karim-Khan, which were continued by his daughter, turned it into one of Kyrenaia's most renown tourist areas, famous for its bathing beaches, sailing spots, culture, adventure holidays and cuisine.



The Khanate of Sheliak is located at the southern coast of Kyrenaia,



A small shipbuilding industry, mostly for pleasure boats, exists as well, mostly in the form of the Tarif Yachtbuilding Company.