Brigadier Kiah Eitil of the Tribe of Wicklow is a military officer of the SDF, ranked Brigadier (equivalent to a Brigadier General), Commander of the SDF-Army Air Combat Command, decorated SDF-Army Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot and one of the three Breeders of Curly Mountain Foxes, her ancestress' name being Máthairhad.


Born in 1969 in Creetown, the daughter of a good merchant family always wanted to become a pilot, ever since seeing an air show of the SDF, where they retired the last of the old, venerable Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bombers. She had good grades in school, but was involved in one scuffle or the other, mostly as defender. The will to join the SDF came up after the Second Vellenge War in 1983.

She left school with flying colours in 1987 and joined the SDF as a pilot, first trained for the Sciathán Seachmall Fighter-Bomber as a reconnaissance plane, then with enough time having passed and experience for the Gaoth Fighterbomber. She was one of the first pilots to master these imported planes and important in working them for the first years. During her time with the Seachmall and the Gaoth, Eitil got to know and became friends with her later WSO in the Gaoth's backseat, Celina Béalastán of the Tribe of Fermanagh.

Eitil rose through the ranks relatively quickly, commanding her first flight at the tender age of 27, ranked Captain. She participated in several combat operations, flying the Gaoth, but mostly as CAS, and was a patrol pilot back home, guarding against incursions into Selkie-Airspace. With the threat of Lutetii having disarmed itself, the patrols also began to include sea surveillance more often then not. During this time, she had a few very close calls, including close scrapes with death itself.

In 1999, ranked Major, Eitil got her first squadron to command, the 1st Air Combat Squadron, which she still has close association with.

The new millenium brought several operations in warzones for Eitil, as well as her usual patrols. She crashed in 2003, getting pulled out of service until she recovered. Scars from the crash's fire still cover her body.

Returning to service in 2005, still ranked Major, she proposed the replacement of the Gaoth, which started off the Stuama-Program in 2008, after three more crashes, which ended with the SDY-Sciathan 18 Stuama Mark II Light Multirole Fighter. She was one of the test-pilots for the Stuama Mark I in 2014.

Promoted to Brigadier in 2013, Eitil did not retire from active pilot service, instead still flying and training pilots - and selecting them for the Stuama Mark II. It was her, who gave the first Stuama Mark II its maiden flight in 2015.

Her two older brothers nowadays joke, that they protected her when they were kids, now she protects them as they are adults. Brigadier Eitil is a breeder of Curly Mountain Foxes, one of three in the Free Lands.


Eitil is a strict,

Personal Relations

Married twice, divorced twice

Although Eitil was married twice, she is both without issue and divorced twice.

In 1987, she got to know her first husband, divorced in 1990, in late 2003, during recovery from her crash, she married her second husband, in 2009, they parted ways.

Neither case was her fault, both partners simply lived past each other for a long time.

Lieutenant Colonel Finnegan 'Finny' Dóire of the Tribe of Sligo

Colonel Celina Béalastán of the Tribe of Fermanagh


Brigadier Eitil and Colonel Béalastán, at the time ranked Captain and Major, respectively, in 2006, with the trophy of the Mianach Air Race, in SDF Flight Suit.

Celina Béalastán of the Tribe of Fermanagh and Eitil are not only old friends, they flew together as pilot and WSO ever since the introduction of the Gaoth Fighterbomber.

Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan

For her latest boyfriend, Karak Golahman, she has nothing but contempt, seeing him as both unworthy of a lassie such as Fiona and a weak willed excuse of a man on top of that.

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