Kiah Irisleabhar of the Tribe of Waterford is a Photographer for the Silver Bay Herald and the daughter of Silverport's Mayor. She also owns the Grey Wolf Peata. Her author abbreviation is KIW.


Kiah was born in 1990 in Silverport, to an aspiring local politician and his wife.

In 2018, she not only made the photographs for Bicíní Industry's Archipelago Shooting, but was also featured in it herself.

A few weeks later, she accompanied the Selkie participating in NASJAR 1 to their races, reporting from them for the Silver Bay Herald. It was her first foray into air racing journalism.

For a while now, she is the girlfriend of Raidri Leathchúpla of the Tribe of Navan, an air racer she reported about. Originally, they met during a photo shooting for Bicíní Industries (his sisters are all three models for them) and hit off well before they met again during NASJAR 1.

In 2019, she was again part of the reporting for NASJAR 2.


Personal Relations

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