Kiah Tincéir of the Tribe of Louth is a student of the Díreach Boarding School and Servant to Lodan Lir, who originally hails from Cuan. She owns a Guarding Fox by the name of Cosantóir.


Kiah was born in 2000 in Cuan to a pair of Tine-Breeders. Her family was never really rich, but it made do - enough to enable her to attend Díreach Boarding School in Béal.

While there, she got into contact with the local Priest of Lodan Lir, who awakened the Spirituality in her. She became his assistant in cleaning the Sacred Grove of the Boarding School.

One day, in 2010, she found a starving Guarding Fox in the Sacred Grove and took him in. He became Cosantóir.

Kiah graduated in 2019. Her studies of Religious Sciences began in the August of that same year. She joined the Seminary in the same year.


Kiah is very pious.

Personal Relations

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