The Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-139 Baghl is one of the prime AWACS, Submarine Hunter, COD and transport aircraft used aboard Kyrenaian Aircraft Carriers, of the Hukm- and Mirfae-classes, as well as one of the primary light transport aircraft of The Armies of the Five Deserts. The Baghl, in a demiliterized version, also has moderate success as a regional airliner.


Service History

Freight version first flight 1964, introduced into service 1970 due to budget delays (following the end of the Decolonization Wars). AWACS-Version introduced 1972.

Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia is a trained pilot for the Baghl.

KAF is currently in the process of developing a new COD and AWACS Aircraft for carrier usage.


Baghl-A - COD-Aircraft

- not carrier-capable with more then 17,500 kg of weight

- Also used in land-based service

- also used by Naval Special Forces for paradrops

Baghl-B - AWACS

- not carrier-capable with more then 17,500 kg of weight

- Sensors and processing systems suite: Radar, IFF interrogator system, IFF Transponder, Tactical Computer Group, UHF/VHF radio, UHF radio, HF radio, SATCOM system

- Also used in land-based service

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