The Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-140 Qatara VTOL Troop Carrier is a VTOL Troop Carrier developed by KAF to supplement the KAF-210 Midrab Gunship. Original plans called for the Qatara to replace the Midrab by 2030, but a variety of shortcomings in the field caused the Kyrenaian Armed Forces to put the procurement of the KAF-140 on hold for now. The future of the Qatara is uncertain.


The exhaust temperature of the turbofan engines can reach up to 600 degrees Celsius, which caused a variety of problems in the field and over the water, especially in sea-rescue roles.


Service History

With the RKA

The RKA began equipping their Helicopter Brigades with the KAF-140 in 2017, starting with the 61st Helicopter Brigade, which went to Kupandukira in 2020.

The flight readiness is looking to acquire a triplet of KAF-140s for service as the Sultana's personal transport.

With the RKN

Due to the size of the KAF-140, the Navy, for now, operates theirs in a shore-based occupation, mostly in maritime patrol and transport roles. Currently, there is a dedicated variation for that in development.

Plans for Carrier Deployments were scrapped in September 2019 as the turbofans' exhaust proved to be too hot for carrier flight decks, in one instance softening the test deck (which led to a wholly different inquiry). Concerns over the downwash and how it might affect deck crew in more cramped conditions were raised together with concerns over the actual taking off, with one nacelle over the water and one on deck and the corresponding lift asymmetry. The size of the aircraft only compounded to the scrapping of the idea. As such, "the KAF-140 either requires a new carrier or the RKN another aircraft", as Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia put it.

With the Royal Kyrenaian Coast Guard

The Kyrenaian Coast Guard received three aircraft from the RKN for testing purposes, where they performed well in patrol missions.

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