The Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-14 Dabur Multirole Fighter is a Kyrenaian Multirole Fighter in service with the Armies of the Five Deserts and the Sultan's Navy. In its primary role as a multirole fighter for both Army and Navy, the KAF-14 is currently in the process of being replaced by the KAF-16 Saqr since 2015.



Service History


KAF-14 T - The Parasite


KAF-14 T with a UNSPACY Tafili UCAV piggybacking on the back.

The KAF-14 T is one of the many further uses projected for the Dabur, being a range-extender for the UNSPACY Tafili UCAV, a reconnaissance UAV and loitering ammunition projected to enter service in 2021.
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