The Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-16 Saqr Multirole Fighter is the Multi-role Air Superiority Fighter in Service with the Armies of the Five Deserts and the Sultan's Navy.

The Saqr is intended to replace the Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-14 Dabur Multirole Fighter, both on land-service and as a carrier-aircraft, both on the Hukm-class Aircraft Carriers and the Mirfae-class Heavy Aircraft Carriers.


The Saqr is equipped with a Qadib Passive Electronically Scanned Array Radar, the Saqr-B having a Mark II, an infrared search and track system, integrated electronic countermeasures, radar warning receivers and can be fully integrated into the Shabaka Combat Network.

The Saqr is able to supercruise and is, thanks to the thrust-vectoring nozzles, Supermaneuverable. Radar-absorbent materials have been applied liberally to reduce the detection range of enemy radars.


In total, the Saqr-A and -B have an arsenal of two Alqatat Gunsmiths 27mm Revolver Cannons and twelve hardpoints at their disposal. Of these, the revolver cannons are placed in the wing-roots, while two of the hardpoints are at the wingtips, two more under the fuselage, while the remaining eight are beneath the wings.

Saqr-TAs omit the fuselage hardpoints and the innermost two in order for an enhanced fuel capacity, lowering the number of hardpoints to eight.

The Saqr is compatible with most missiles and bombs in service with both the Navy and the Army, as well as the ammunitions used by trusted partners, like the Type 40 and Type 43 Anti-Ship Missiles.

Operational History



A Saqr B, almost planform.

  • Model 0: Pre-production.
  • Model A: First Production Model.
  • Model B: Second Production Model.
  • Model TA: Extended Range Model,

Notable Pilots


Captain Ava Shabh, 38th Long-Range Fighter Wing.

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