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The Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-210 Midrab Gunship, in service with the Fürstliche Streitkräfte as the HMW-Flugzeugwerke HMW-FW 88 Gryffe Helicopter, is a transport and attack helicopter developed by KAF and HMW-Flugzeugwerke. It is the heavier alternative to the Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-222 Bijea Helicopter and the Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-201 Sab Light Helicopter.

Starting in 2018, the Midrab was supplemented by the Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-125 Nasir VTOL. It's planned replacement, the Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-140 Qatara VTOL Troop Carrier, is currently under re-evaluation. With the Fürstliche Streitkräfte, the Midrab is planned to be supplemented by the domestically produced Flugwerft Elms-Sytzerheim Waldkatz Attack Helicopter.


Armament and troop capacity

The Midrab was developed to transport a troop of eight fully equipped men plus a little bit of cargo (or four stretchers or 2.5 tons of cargo on an external sling) to a combat zone and to provide helicopter support within that combat zone in a reliable way. As such, the Midrab is heavily armed and armoured, with a flexible heavy machine gun in the nose, machine guns at the passenger compartment doors and up to 1.75 tons of ammunition on the 'wings', ranging from rockets over missiles to bombs.

Flight Characteristics

Service History

Introduced in 1973, KAF-210A.






KAF-210 Civilian

KAF-210 Civilian-B


Fürstliche Streitkräfte Gryffe-A during an exercise.