The Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-4 Altuyalkatif Light Fleet Combat Aircraft is a light multirole combat aircraft, formerly in service with the Sultan's Navy on the Shajaea-class Light Aircraft Carriers and other light carriers. They had been phased out with the Sultan's Navy in 2010.




  • Model 0: Prototypes.
  • Model A: First flight 1959, introduced 1961.
  • Model B: First flight 1964, introduced 1970.
  • Model C: Never flew.
  • Model D: First flight 1973, introduced 1975.
  • Model E: First flight 1987, introduced 1990 (Markaz Army Air Force).

Service History

The Altuyalkatif was developed on the height of the Decolonization Wars as a cheaper and less maintenance-intensive alternative to heavier combat aircraft like the KAF-14 Dabur.

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