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The Kyrenaian Caracal is a feline endemic to Kyrenaia, which has several subspecies, most notably the Smaller Kyrenaian Caracal, the Marsh-Caracal and the Larger Kyrenaian Caracal.


In general

Smaller Kyrenaian Caracal

A Smaller Kyrenaian Caracal with his sleeping owner.

The Smaller Kyrenaian Caracal,


Marsh-Caracals are mostly found in the Dry Marshes, between between Carmona, Ribla, Tara and Shobina.

Larger Kyrenaian Caracal

Princess Rasha bint-Samir with her pet-caracal.

The Larger Kyrenaian Caracal is a large feline usually found on the countryside for keeping pests at bay. Usually hunting for both birds and mice, the Larger Kyrenaian Caracal is invaluable to farmers all around Kyrenaia and a bit beyond.

Ever since Princess Fara bint-Dardan has raised a Caracal herself, Kalak, such animals are becoming an option for more urban areas as well - despite their needs for run areas and much food as adults. Domesticated Larger Kyrenaian Caracals are, however, known as loyal and steadfast companions to their masters and protectors of their children.



Notable Specimens