Kyrenaian Desert Mouse

A Kyrenaian Desert Mouse.

The Kyrenaian Desert Mouse is a small rodent species, which is endemic to the Sultanate of Kyrenaia and some of its former colonial possessions.

Calling someone 'Young Desert Mouse' is usually meant as a term of endearment (for example, the Sultana called Princess Gisella that during the State Visit of the latter's older sister). They are not related to Pseudomys Desertor, despite the shared names.

It is the heraldic animal of the Scientific Society of Kyrenaia and seen as a symbol for freedom, especially of the sciences.


- can not be trained, tend to escape

- wise - old Badawi Saying: "Find a Desert Mouse and you find water."

- tough hide on the back, roll up when in danger

- usually live undergroun


- happiest in the wild


Notable Specimens

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