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Kyrenaian Footvolley is a sport in Kyrenaia, which differs in a few core-aspects from Footvolley elsewhere.



The rules are fairly simple: Keep the ball airborne by using football moves (kicks, headers, etc.), do not touch the ball with the hands, and play it over the net separating the field towards the other team. If the ball touches the ground while in the possession of one team, the other team scores a point.

The field is separated by a net of 2.2 metres high, the field itself being twenty metre long (in total) and eight metres wide, divided in two halves of eighty square metres by the net. If played in a hall, the field is surrounded by three metres of clear space plus a ceiling of eight metres being above.

Team Members

Teams are usually composed for four members, the Backliner, two strikers and one lifter.

2 Strikers:
1 Lifter:

Around the Globe

The Sultan's Navy

The Sultan's Navy has, traditionally, a team with every larger unit, the premier team currently being the Fiver Strikers.

The Free Lands

In the Free Lands, Footvolley is a sport part of the school physical educational plan, enjoyed by many young men and women as part of their free time and even played, to some degree, professionally.

While the SDF officially has no Footvolley Teams, there are some teams organized informally. Whenever there is the chance, they play against teams of the RKN, but so far, the RKN has an impressive lead in wins.