Kyrenaian Soap is a collective term for a number of hard bar soaps produced in Kyrenaia, firmly associated with bathing culture and Hammams. While the exact recipe differs from Ilkhanate to Ilkhanate, sometimes even from producer to producer, they all share common foundations.



Traditionally made from lye, olive oil and laurel oil, this hard bar soap is made in the hot process, the ingredients placed in an underground pot, which is heated from underneath, and boiled for three days until a thick, gooey soap is made, at which point the laurel oil is added.

After that, the liquid is taken off the stove and pored out on wax paper on the floor, where it dries into a large, flat, green mass, smoothed by workers for an even thickness. Once cold, it is cut into cubes and from there, stored for up to a year, hardening it and making it long lasting while also giving it its coat of a pale golden colour, while the inside remains green.

Regional variations include essential oils, a variety of herbs or flavours.


As an all-natural product, Kyrenaian Soap is biodegradable. It is also, due to the laurel oil, an effective cleanser, anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-itching measure, usable for washing and shampooing, as a face mask or for shaving and, of course, for washing babies and infants. It will also float in the water.

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