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The Kyrenaians are tea drinkers, were so since ancient times (Allat, the Mother Goddess of the Kyrenaian Pantheon, is a tea drinker herself and so are her subjects) and while the Camellia sinensis is rarely used, the Kyrenaians pride themselves in their herbal teas. Part of the Hammam-Experience is a cup of tea.

Shay, as the Kyrenaians call it, and many of the traditions around it are older then the Sultanate itself, successfully having dated back to the 1st century CE.

Herbal Teas


Maramia Tea, also known as sage tea,


Babooneh Tea, or chamomile tea,


Yansoon Tea, or anise tea,


Za'atar Tea, or thyme tea,


Hal Tea, or cardamon tea,


Na'na Tea, or mint tea,


Cultural Significance

When who drinks tea

Tea Meditation

Tea Ceremony

Proper Serving

When in a prim and proper household, the simple act of serving tea by a Tea Maid, usually a daughter of the house, becomes a ceremony. While the Tea Maid can be dressed up, the less formal the occassion, the more common her dress becomes.

Standing on the ceremony is usually a sign of the strictness of the household.

While serving the tea, the Maid must not touch anyone (doing so would reveal her as someone unused to the tea ceremony, being touched would be a grave insult), placing the glass or cup of tea in front of the oldest person at the table first, then moving on onto the highest ranking guest (usually, that is instructed by the host before the ceremony), the host being last and the one to thank the Tea Maid. The Tea Maid is also to remain upright and stoic, bending her knee to set the cup down.

While the tea is served, the guests and hosts are to remain silent, contemplating.

When she is finished serving the tea, the Tea Maid is to take the tray in front of her body, bowing deeply to the assembly. The host is to relieve her of that by a bow of the own head, then the Tea Maid is to rise, make a step back and retreat to the wall behind the host (or in some households the edge of the carpet, it depends on space and local customs), walking backwards and settling down. She is to settle down on knees and feet, head slightly inclined, tray in front of the body, eyes closed as if meditating, ready to provide refills at a moment's notice.

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