Kyrkrautian Marking is a popular sport in the Islands of Kyrkraut. It is a competitive team (usually two members) or individual sport (depending on the game mode), in which players try to eliminate each other by the usage of a mixture of water and dye (see below). While originally a recreational sport, it is nowadays a popular sport in Kyrkraut.

The sport has often been derided as "Paintball with water guns" and as a sport for perverts, as the majority of players play in swimclothes.


As a Competitive Sport

The usual mode for competitive Marking is with two members per team in an objective-oriented fight, for example Capture the Flag or King of the Fort. 

As a Recreational Sport

The paint

The paint is similar to the one used in body painting, usually neither allergenic nor toxic. The paint usually washes off and out of clothing easily, the former with a sponge and the latter in the washing machine. The paint being sold is under major scrutiny of the authorities.

Aside from that, it is usual in recreational sport to simply use water.

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