La Coste Nostre, LCN for short, is a crime syndicate in Lutetii, involved in every sort of illegal business one could think of. Drug trafficking, arms smuggling and illegal prostitution are part of their portfolio, although they openly fight slavers.

Leader of the syndicate is rumoured to be Antonio Siggaro,


After the End of the Republican Junta in 1987, following the Civil War, the Confederated City States disbanded the military - which was the ideal opportunity for LCN to expand deeply into arms smuggling, selling surplus of the Armed Forces to everyone, who could pay (see also: Equipment of the Armed Forces of Lutetii by the time of the Disbandment). By 1990, companies fronting for the LCN had established itself in several neighbouring nations, where they began to cause headaches.

Current Situation

There are conspiracy theories, according to which several intelligence agencies conspire with the LCN in order to achieve various goals.

Business Portfolio

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