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Lahharenyu, officially known as the Republic of Lahharenyu, is a small nation of 7.3 million inhabitants. Ruler of Lahharenyu is President Nevio Delgada, the capital is Saomi.


First Kyrenaian Invasion (1623-1645)

The Revolution and Fall of the Monarchy (1970-1971)

Political Unrest (2018 and counting)


Lahharenyu is about 1,300 kilometers away of from the Kyrenaian Territory of Salalkubz. Due to that, the two countries share a similar climate and some endemic animal species, especially in marine life.

The majority of the land is a result of volcanic activity, although the majority of the volcanoes are inactive these days.

While a number of storms can affect the weather in Lahharenyu, especially during the summer, these storms are usually relatively mild and non-destructive.


Generally speaking, the climate of Lahharenyu is tepid and subtropical. Temperature highs during the day usually lie between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, depending on the season.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Totals/Averages
Average High (°C) 17 16.5 17 18 19.2 21.5 24 25.5 24.1 22 19.3 17.7
Average percipitation (mm) 97 84 88 75 72 40 26 46 92 110 110 150
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours 100 105 123 145 175 160 210 215 175 145 110 95

Flora and Fauna

One of the marvels, and main tourist attractions, is the Great Lahharenyu Reef, a coral reef around two thousand kilometers in length.


Lahharenyu is divided into six Laqhatalsill, in essence federal states, namely the states of Florhes, Tercheiha, Pico, Fayal, Formihas and Sanhama. Each of these states has one vote in the Council, while a total of 56 delegates debate matters in Parliament.

Technically, the Republic is a democracy with free elections. Practically, Nevio Delgada ruled the country for 20 years, or three electoral periods. After the last elections in 2018, the small opposition accused him of electoral fraud and demanded a new election, something, which Delgada has refused vehemently. The leader of the opposition, Lino Catharyno, is currently in hiding.

It is no secret, that the police is a corrupt force.

Military - the Republican Armed Forces

The main base of the Republican Armed Forces is in Lejas, with a smaller base in Saomi. Supreme Commander of the Republican Armed Forces is Marshal Ivo Chordeyro.

In total, the Republican Armed Forces number around 10,000 officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted men organized into two regiments, an armored company, a supply and support component, a small special forces company, a small naval force and a small air wing. The Armed Forces lack, most of all, modern equipment, using surpluses from other, more economically powerful nations, in particular from the Free Lands.

Main weapon of the infantry is the Gabha RI-3, an assault rifle bought from SDF-Army surplus, the 5.56x45mm bullet being the main caliber used. The Armed Forces have a small fleet of trucks, technicals and armored cars. In 2018, the Armed Forces acquired twenty Creachadóir-HARVs, which form the Armored Company. For a long time, the largest artillery piece were the Pruva 120 mm Heavy Mortars, which were domestically developed and produced (read, copied from a Kyrenaian Design from abandoned mortars bought in Mushkila). In 2020, Mangaire gifted eight Autokanone Ondava M./99 to the Armed Forces, their 155 mm howitzers being the largest guns now. Currently, the Armed Forces are thinking of replacing the RI-3 by the Eabhar E-14 Assault Rifle, a bullpup assault rifle by Eabhar Blacksmiths Limited.

The Naval Arm of the Republican Armed Forces is centered around the patrol boat RAFS Sovranyta, ex SDFS Marcach, a Nocht-class Corvette. Aside from the Sovranyta, the Naval Arm also operates six Waari-class Minesweepers as patrol vessels for deeper waters and has expressed interest in acquiring at least four Pattern B Fast Assault Craft for shallow waters, in particular in the Great Lahharenyu Reef.

The Air Arm is small and almost insignificant, operating a total of six Fuisce Utility Helicopters and two Veilbhit Light Attack Aircraft of SDF-Army-Vintage. According to rumours, the Air Arm is thinking about acquiring up to six Monarcha M-106 UCAVs.

Organized Crime

It is no secret, that the police turns a blind eye to the activities of organized crime for a certain fee. This is especially true for the activities of the LCN and the Alnamalram. Other syndicates active in Lahharenyu are the Corps and the DaC, both from the Free Lands. A small local syndicate, Vlegka, is active in the federal district of Tercheiha.

Main activities of these syndicates include, but are not limited to, drug plantations, money laundering, arms smuggling, illegal street racing, illegal prostitution (and, in lieu with that, illegal production of adult movies) and protection rackets.

On the 15th of August 2019, a four-day-long confrontation between presumed members of the syndicates took place in the state of Fayal. The fighting got so intense, that the Army was deployed to reestablish order, but before the Army arrived on the 20th, the groups dispersed. This, however, did not lead to a large crackdown against organized criminal activity, but to a small operation, which led to the trials of six men, which were undoubtedly involved in the Battle of Anyalus.


Lahharenyu is a classical first sector economy, dairy farming, livestock raising and fishing being the main occupations. Over the last decades, tourism has become a noteworthy industry as well, mainly diving tourism, as the Great Lahharenyu Reef is a popular destination for divers.

While mining is not much of an industry as of now, prospectors and geologists have scouted out sizable oil fields off the coast within Lahharenyu's Exclusive Economic Zone, as well as deposits of copper, cobalt and graphite all around the country.

Largest industrial company is Sanhama Motorworks, which produce all manners of trucks and utility vehicles. It is rumoured, that Sanhama Motorworks works closely together with the Mangaire Dealership Company Limited from the Free Lands.


A total of 7.3 million people live in Lahharenyu, according to the 2017 census.