Laila Mithal is a student and private tutor at the Haram Girls' Academy.


Laila, born in 2002 in Tipasa, as the fourth child of a family of businesspeople, the youngest of the bunch.

In 2015, upon entering Middle School, she made the entrance test for the HGA, passed and moved to Utica, living in the dorms of the Haram Campus. She was not selected for the Tribute, but was soon asked to join the Tutoring Programme of both the HGA and the TBA as a tutor for languages, where she excelled.

In 2017, her oldest brother came out of the closet, admitted to being homosexual and to having a boyfriend - in front of the wrong people. Since that day, he is in a coma, these people having beaten him almost to death. Laila's family coped, with Laila herself joining the Supporting Movement for the Homosexual Marriage Law, not due to being homosexual herself, but out of a desire to change the world for the better.

She attended the Sinope 2018 Harbour Festival, being part of the HGA's Sailing Club and thus the Sayarfurs Crew.

In early 2019, she found a boyfriend in Khalid Faris, after a night out in Motya following sailing the Sayarfur back to her homeport. A few months later, they broke up, realizing, that distance-relationships are nothing for them.

When the bombs went of as part of the 2019 Al'Arz Terrorist Attack, Laila got off with a scare, being on the toilet at the time of the explosions. She was one of the first to use the tag #NowEvenMore on Piffle.

She is set to graduate in 2021. Laila plans to make her Service (she hopes to be sent to the 70th Helicopter Brigade) after graduation and then study to become a teacher for English and German.


Laila is a spirited young woman, dedicated to languages and their studies, even going so far as to thinking about making that her career in one form or the other.

Amongst her flaws, 'many flaws', as she insists, is, that she can't keep quiet, always has to be in motion to the point of impatience.

Personal Relations

Sailor Style Kyrenaian School Uniform

In the HGA's School Uniform.

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