Lapa and owner

Ga, a Lapa swimming with his owner, Asteria Aoibhiúil of the Tribe of Wicklow.

This article is about the animal species. For information about the Grey Wolf of the same name, see Lapa (Grey Wolf). For the Grey Wolf class Torpedo Boat, see SDFS Lapa (Archipelago-Type)

The Lapa, also known as the Sea Fox, is an animal species endemic to the Free Lands, in particular to the Oileánra-Archipelago.


- poison glands, secrete poison through their skins - irritating for humans, deadly for smaller

Genetic Disorders

In 2015, Amy Ramallae of the Tribe of Monaghan found a Lapa with a birth defect, which led to him having no poison glands, which made him mostly harmless. Research on him concluded, that such a defect could be reproduced and fox breeders began



From 2017 onwards, Lapas became available as pets due to selective breeding, 

Notable Specimens

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