Layla Buí of the Tribe of Fingal is the commander of the Faolchú Armoured Personnel Carrier Ronm-Ceathair (Blue Seal Four) of the Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team and student at the Iris Boarding School Complex itself. She is also a part of the mechanical staff of the team (though not its head mechanic).


Layla was born in 2003 in Launceston to a pair of sheep farm owners. Both pressed her to focus on school and encouraged her to take the entrance exam for the Iris Boarding School Complex, which she passed (not with flying colours, but she did).

Layla is set to graduate in 2021. After that, she wants to study engineering.


Layla is not a shy girl, but there are more outgoing ones, although she has a certain energy and drive. She is also friendly and helpful, if the situation demands it, and can stand being the punch line of a joke or two (as long as they are above the belt). As much as she can take, though, she can dish out, especially when amongst friends.

Layla is fascinated by loud and large machines, tanks included, and loves working with them. After her graduation, she wants to make an apprenticeship as a mechanic or study engineering, she is not too sure about that yet.

Personal Relations

Ava and Mairin

Ava and Mairin are, to Layla, almost family. That the three of them live in the same dorm together might have helped her with that impression.

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