Certainly one of the more famous members of the Lách-Family, Leonard Lách of the Tribe of Galway is the youngest son of the main-thread of the family, accomplished Horsearcher and member of Ambassador Group 2.

His horse's name is Tréadaí and he is a Strainséir.


Born as a farmers' and cattle-herders' son, Finn and Kiah Lách of the Tribe of Galway, near Scilly, Leonard Lách of the Tribe of Galway was raised to be a cattle herder himself, having an unassuming educational career - if it weren't for one thing: He showed an immense talent for horsearchery and horses in general from a very early age.

Unlike her fellow Marcach Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork, however, he simply didn't have the chair glue to sit down and study for a degree in anything. Instead, he concentrated his efforts onto Horsearchery, soon becoming quite proficient with the sword as well, all while working as a cattle-farmer as well.

He brought trophies home left and right, even managing the 500-500 (fivehundred points at fivehundred metres), and soon caught the attention of Donald Críonna of the Tribe of Louth and his project of the Ambassador Groups. He was appointed as a member of Group 2 in 2013, together with Kendra Sciamhach of the Tribe of Waterford, agreeing immediately.

He was quite well during their first visits abroad, although his uncanny love for all things cheese soon made itself known, causing little in the ways of problems, but chuckles.

In 2016, his family took in the orphaned Star Lynx Ayden, giving him a new home at Iolar House, Leonard joining the Cabhair Group the same year.

In 2018, he fought at the Fletching and Guard Cups in Shella during the 2018 Shella Harvest Festival, by then with a girlfriend, Alaina Goirme of the Tribe of Wexford, a fellow cattle-herder from a farm near Iolar House, who he had fancied for a long time.

In 2019, he was in Cuan.



Leonard, centre, on his horse Tréadaí, with his brothers Phelan and Nuada.

Leonard is a friendly, open man, who is fiercely loyal to his family - both his actual family and the family of the Ambassador Groups - and girlfriend and a rather pious young man. Not much of a dancer, he can, but doesn't really like it. He is a swordman as a side-occupation, usually the sparring partner of his colleague Marla.

As a fighter, he is a bogey opponent to anyone of his fellow Marcach, who either struggle against him or outright loose. Despite his friendliness, he is fierce and insists on fairness. He also has no chair glue and an uncanny love for cheese.

Personal Relations

Kendra Sciamhach of the Tribe of Waterford

Kendra and Leonard are friends, close ones in fact, to the point of almost being family. When Alaina came about, she first misinterpreted Kendra as a sister of his, despite her knowing his family nearly from birth.

Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork

To his fellow Marcach, Leonard has a good rapport, mainly because the two use each other as training partners. After the retirement of Donald Críonna of the Tribe of Louth in 2018, due to him getting wounded, it was him, who comforted her until her family arrived, never telling anyone a word of her weakness.

For a time, he dated her sister, the actress Gwen Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork, but that petered out naturally and the two of them parted on good terms.

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