Lien, Prinzessin von Birkland, is the current heir to the Baronat Byrkland, following on her Father, Nahmen, Baron von Byrkland. She is also a talented jeweller, making the first year of the apprenticeship in the House-Own Jewelry Shop of Schloss Heimgeholz aside from her studies at school.


Born in 2002 on Schloss Heimgeholz near Birktopia as daughter of Nahmen, Baron von Byrkland and his wife, Aaltje, Baronin von Byrkland, Lien had a happy childhood, although she knew, that her mother was severely ill. Her most important attachment figure became her Father, to the point, that her mother became jealous. In 2008, Lien became an elementary school student.

In 2011, her mother died due to complications with an operation, which left her Father as a single parent of a nine year old daughter. Both of them found comfort in each other's presence, but coldness in the world, which they made their own. Her Father was never an overly exuberant person, but loosing his wife made him, to the outside, considerably colder, but his daughter was still very dear, maybe even dearer, to his heart.

And with him as a role model, Lien became closer to her friends, warmer to them, but colder to the outside, aloof and unapproachable.

In 2017, Lien began to hang out at the Jewelers' Shop of Schloss Heimgeholz more and more - her Father's first presumption, that his daughter might be crushing on one of the craftsmen there, turned out to be false, as it became very apparent, that she was crushing on the art, not their practicitioners. In the following year, Lien began a Part-Time Apprenticeship at the Jewellers' Shop, in accordance with the corresponding laws, at the side of her school, helping out in the shop on afternoons after school.

She is set to graduate in 2021. After that, she wants to finish her Apprenticeship in Full-Time.


To those, who do not know her, she can come off as cold and frigid, even harsh and unapproachable, much like her father, but those, who know her, know her as a good and close friend, who never shies away from helping, when it is needed. She was, as a child, full of exuberant gestures and manner of speaking, but the older she got, especially after the death of her mother, the less exuberant she got, cultivating sharp wits and coldheartedness to those, who she does not know - or who she knew, but she did not like.

Much like her mother, Lien plays the violin, but she did not inherit her mother's musical talents. She also loves cats and the colour red.

Personal Relations

Her Father

Lien und Vater

Nahmen, Baron von Byrkland with his daughter, circa 2010.

To her Father, Lien has a close relationship of deep trust and warmth.
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