Liliane Lannaire of the Tribe of Louth was an 18th Century Selkie-Mercenary, more specifically a Selkie-Dragoon, who is known to history mostly for her involvement into several affairs of the 1718 Leuda Spring Festival and beyond.

One of her most famous descendants is Galen Lannaire of the Tribe of Louth, a Marcach.


Born in Mála in 1701, Liliane Lannaire of the Tribe of Louth soon discovered her talents as a sharpshooter, lancer and horsewoman,

With turning an adult, 1716, Liliane registered with the Mercenary Guild of Redruth as a Dragan, was hired by a Banner-Man named Colin Meirge of the Tribe of Monaghan, and rose in the ranks. Spending 1716 abroad with her banner, fighting down a slave-uprising in Jazirat Alshahwa, paid well.

1717 saw her in the services of the City Guard of Silverport, hunting down a Robber-Baron, who turned out to be a harder nut then anticipated: Her banner of forty was nearly wiped out, only a handful of horsemen surviving, but neither did the Robber-Baron. The Banner dissolved, most members either dead or wounded, leaving her alone with a bit of money and plunder from the robbers (as well as a dress of Selkie-Silk), ready to hire out her services as a Dragan.

In 1718, turning tender 17 Springs, she attended the Merchants' Spring Festival in Leuda, offering her services as a horsewoman to the highest bidder.


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