Liliane Lile of the Tribe of Fermanagh was one of the best horseriders in the 2018 and 2019 Seasons, only surpassed by Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork time and time again.


Liliane Lile of the Tribe of Fermanagh was born in Fliúiteadóir, near Wadebridge, in 1994, as the daughter of a cattle-rancher with 250 heads and his wife. She is the third child and first daughter of the couple, thus with two older brothers (Finnegan, vintage 1990, and Raidri, vintage 1988).

Her father soon introduced his children to equestrian sports and equestrianism, as usual for their profession, but while her brothers were merely competent, Liliane soon showed promise and her father began to teach her - some would argue, that he drilled her. She competed for the first time as a Lancer in 2000, won her first trophy in the same year.

She joined the Youth League for the 2001 Season, competing on the national level soon enough. However, her school grades began to suffer. In 2006, she repeated her first year in Middle School due to bad grades, having traveled far too much from tournament to tournament to learn properly. For that year, the Marcach Guild excluded her from any competitions.

Her parents' marriage began to suffer from that, too, her parents fighting more often then not. Divorce followed by 2007, Liliane moving to her Uncle Áed in Lodge. Her grades got better, she began to train again and joined for the 2009 Season, where she competed successfully. She was back in business.

In 2011, she started attending High School, still competing and doing successfully so. During that time, she competed for the first time directly against Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork, a fierce rivalry soon forming.

In 2019, she was appointed to be a member of Ambassador Group 3 as it was reformed. As the position of Ambassador of the Free Lands still needed to be filled for a while, she became the Foreign Office's Errant Girl and accompanied other Ambassador Groups on their tours, whenever possible and suitable. A few months later, she was part of the competition for the Adharc Cup in 2019.


Liliane is a fiercely competitive young woman, something, which her father had Beaten into her (both metaphorically and literally).

Liliane is a fan of trains and quite capable with both sword and lance, but she is quite bad, when it comes to any form of Archery.

Personal Relations

Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork

Liliane and Marla are connected by a fierce, yet professional rivalry. Although their duels are legendary, their behaviour towards each other is always correct and professional, on the field and off of it, despite allegations to the contrary.

Both of them are in the employ of the Foreign Office as well and openly refuse to work together on these grounds, a wish, which is respected by their boss.

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