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Landscape Selkie-Name Important Cities Population (2018 census) Notes
Icy Shore Launceston, Crarae 0.3 million The Nosey belongs to it as well
Silver Mountains Wadebridge, Inis, Ironcastle 1.3 million
Cloch Mountains 0.75 million
Great Woods 0.2 million Land of the Children of the Great Woods
Mór-Land Fortham, Riverwood, Cuan 3.7 million Lake Mór River System
Baile Bodmin, Creetown, Tipa 1.1 million
Trossach/Tosach Scilly, Teanga 1.5 million
Silver Bay Silverport, Wembury, Perran, Redruth (Eornor-Peninsula) 1.8 million
White Cliffs Lodge 0.5 million
Robálai Island 0.08 million
Farpoint Island Traverse 0.2 million
Latios and Latias Islands 0.1 million
Leuda Island Leuda 0.2 million
Emerald Island 0.05 million
Criostal Island Conall Curach 0.02 million a
Mainland Fortham 11.6 million people

Outlying Lands

Selkie in Diaspora


Complete Map of the Free Lands, with Lutetii's Windsinger Islands, Mainland in Darker Colour.

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