This list unifies all RKN-vessels, which's name begins of can begin with 'Pattern'.

Destroyers, Torpedo Boats, Gunboats

Corvettes, Frigates and equivalents

  • Pattern A Frigate (1799-1839) - Jaras Type.
  • Pattern B Corvette (1798-1843) - Bagala Type.
  • Pattern C Frigate (1830-1869) - sailing ship
  • Pattern D Corvette (1838-1875) - sailing ship
  • Pattern E Frigate (1860-1899) - sailing ship
  • Pattern F Screw Corvette (1870-1901).
  • Pattern E Propeller Corvette (1870-1900).
  • Pattern F Ironclad Frigate (1873-1889).
  • Pattern G Turbine Corvette (1886-1918).
  • Pattern H Turbine Frigate (1900-1930).
  • Pattern I Corvette (1915-1938).
  • Pattern J Frigate (1918-1943).

Shift in Definitions: While before 1925, the Corvette and the Frigate were two types of vessels designed for patrol and dispatch running, basically being Anti-Gunboats with the secondary function of ASW and AA, there was a shift in 1925, under the impressions of the newest technologies of submarines and aircraft, and practical demonstrations of their prowess. The Frigate became an AA-vessel, the Corvette an ASW-Platform.

Littoral Operations Vessels

Littoral Operations Vessels are basically modern gunboats and ships sent to Foreign Stations.

Support Ships

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