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The List of Sultans of Kyrenaia shows all holders of the title of Sultan in Kyrenaia, from its first appearance in 555 CE to the modern day.

Sultan, as a title, originated from the connections of the Kyrenaians with Arab Merchants up until the 5th century. Meaning the one with Authority, Strength and Rulership, the title was first used as a title among warlords and local rulers, soon superceeded by the titles of Khan and Ilkhans. In 903, the first person calling himself "Sultan of Kyrenaia" and "Lord of the Five Deserts" was crowned, its claim to stand above the Khans and Ilkhans mostly accepted over the majority of Kyrenaia. In 1265, the Elective Monarchy was established and Sultan Mehmed II. became Sultan.

The Rise of the Sultanate (163 CE - 942 CE)

The Age of Fire (942 - 1001)

The Sultan's Exile (1001 - 1265)

  • 1258-1265: Mehmet II.

The Golden Age (1265 - 1463)

  • 1265-1273: Mehmet III. (the same person as Mehmet II.)

The Age of Sieges (1463 - 1594)

Third Kyrenaian Civil War (1594 - 1632)

The Kyrenaian Colonial Empire (1632 - 1923)

The Decolonization Wars (1923-1965)

Downwards and Upwards (1965-2010)

The New Colonial Empire (2010-today)