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This list shows all animal species endemic to the Sultanate of Kyrenaia, meaning, that they only live there despite best efforts to export populations. While quite a few of these animals are used as pets, see Kyrenaian Pets, and some indeed live abroad, most of these animals only live in Kyrenaia.

This list is devided into three major stains: Animals living mostly on land, animals living mostly on sea and birds. They are listed in no specific order, under their common name in English, not their Kyrenaian Name.

(OOC-Note: Many of these creatures will be reminiscent of different monsters and creatures of video-game fame, in particular Pokémon - only their pictures, with the appropriate source, will be used, not their other, more fantastic abilities.)






Dumuard Islands

  • Brown Dumuard Eagle.
  • Dumuard Rice Rat.

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