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This list shows all animal species endemic to the Free Lands, meaning, that they are unique to only the Free Lands, despite best efforts to export create larger populations of these animals outside of zoos and pets. While quite a few of these animals now live outside of the Free Lands, mostly as pets to Selkie in Diaspora, they mostly live in the Free Lands and there alone. Not listed are Selkie-Horses.

The list is devided into four major segments: Living in the Mainland (including a seperate list of animals living in the Great Woods), Living in the Northern Islands, Living in the Oileánra-Archipelago and Living in the Great Sea. The names of most of the animals will be the English names for easier finding.

We would also like to remind all browsers of an old saying of the Selkie: "Our lands are the magical place on earth where everything living there is trying to kill you."

(OOC-Note: Many of these creatures will be reminiscent of different monsters and creatures of video-game fame, in particular Pokémon - only their pictures, with the appropriate source, will be used, not their other, more fantastic abilities.)

Living in the Mainland

Common Name Scientific Name Adult Average Height Notes
Grey Wolf/Búraló Liath Lupus Canus 1.0 m
Guarding Fox/Caomnach Vulpes Rossa 0.7 m
Curly Mountain Fox/Cuachanach 0.6 m
Blue Mudskipper/Iascasi 0.4 m
Grey Cat/Eireafada 0.5 m
Little Black Fox/Cleanóiril 0.7 m
Red-White Eagle/Spardrí 1.5 m
Fabhcún 0.55 m (wingspan 1.3 m) Not to be confused with the Sciathán Fabhcún
Star Lynx/Realincse 1.4 m
Fire Fennek/Tifen 0.9 m
Sea Weasel/Eagreiné 0.7 m
Bull Boar/Torctar 1.8 m (length)
Fia 1.0 m
Tine 0.9 m
Cnagar 0.3 m
Tibheireall 0.7 m
Silver Bay Salmon
Silver Mountains Carp

Living in the Great Woods

Common Name Scientific Name Adult Average Height
Scaled Bear/Scálamarc
Great Woods Raven/Fiadub

Living in the Northern Islands

Common Name Scientific Name Adult Average Height Notes
Blue Seal/Ronm 1.1 m
White Seal 1.7 m
Snow Rabbit 1.7 m
Sickle Cat/Raicleabán 1.2 m
Long-Necked Icy Wanderer 2.7 m (est.) The Yeti of the Free Lands
Shelled Swimmer 2.5 m
Ice Fox 1.1 m
Northern Islands Snow Wyvern/Starhiaghear 20 m (head to toe) Excellent swimmers

Living in the Oileánra-Archipelago

Common Name Scientific Name Adult Average Height Notes
Lapa 1.0 m
Crogall 2.3 m
Dreapadóir 0.9 m
Arracht 25 m (ca., length)
Oileacún, a.k.a. Orsella

Living in the Great Sea

Common Name Scientific Name Adult Average Weight/Height Notes
Double-Finned Perch 7 kg The Perch
Caille 15 kg
Horned Sea Snake 6.2 m
Pearled Sea Snake 4.0 m
Black-Backed Bass 18 kg
Mara 152 kg

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