Liv Tine of the Tribe of Wicklow is a Priestess of Ladra, student and personal attendant to the Cult's High Priestess, Fiona Ardsagart of the Tribe of Antrim.


Liv Tine of the Tribe of Wicklow was born in 2001 in Leuda, daughter of a fisherman and his wife. She lived an almost boring life in her little town, helping the local Priestess of Ladra when she got old enough, becoming a Servant and Shieldmaiden - the local fishermen said, that it was an honour to be blessed by the old Priestess, but a joy to be blessed by Liv.

In 2017, shortly after her formally joining the Shieldmaidens, she was called upon to help the High Priestess out during her visit to Leuda. Ardsagart took an immediate liking to the bright girl and her cheery attitude and decided to offer her a scholarship, if Liv would become a Priestess of the Cult.

Liv accepted, both agreeing, that she should be formally consecrated upon finishing school.

In 2018, she and her class were on a class trip to the Oileánra-Archipelago while Celina Treoraí of the Tribe of Louth was there with her boyfriend Chris.

In 2019, she attended the Bainis of Mona Beag as part of a delegation of the Cult of Ladra for that ocassion, also having fun at the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival.


Liv is lesbian.

Personal Relations


Originally made for a different RP, she had the following, now retconned, life-story:

With 16, she began to fancy a fisherman on her father's boat, much to the crew's joy, her father's concern and her mother's sparkling eyes. The two dated for a while, until her father's boat was caught in a terrible storm. None of the men made it out alive.
Shocked by this, the lifely girl became quiet, silent, and joined the Army with 17. She was first deployed with the Leuda Island Force, quickly becoming a reliable soldier - as quickly, she was sent to the officer's training school, which she aced with the age of 21, becoming Lieutenant of the LIF and getting her own platoon.
In 2022, she was recommended to the Fiannóglach, the elite soldiers of the Free Lands, also known as the Great Woods Rangers. She made it through their trials not with blazing colours, but with colours, in 2023.
Ranked Lieutenant, she was sent to Vanquaria in order to learn about their methods of training and operations first hand. She isn't assigned to any of the Great Woods Rangers Companies, but wears their insignia. For all intents and purposes, she is an elite soldier, but not an experienced one.
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