The Long Rifle, Model 2006 (LRM 2006) is the next step in the development of a short precision rifle for usage with police forces, armed forces and militias in even the closest of quarters. As a bullup sniper rifle, it has the barrel length of a conventional rifle coupled with the length shorter then the length of a carbine.

The SDF-Army adopted the rifle as its new standard sniper rifle.


The LRM 2006 is a bullup sniper rifle, resulting from the failed LRM 2000 (which failed due to high costs). As such, the main objective in this rifle's development was reducing costs. This was achieved by using less elusive materials in the construction. The barrel is made of stainless steel, rifled with eight grooves, as are the internal workings. Stock and grip are made of polymers over a frame of light steel.

Most of the weight indeed comes from the magazine with 8x57mm Gabha bullets, high powered and destructive on every soft target. As a semi-automatic weapon, the rifle's man can fire with next to unmatched precision with an effective range of around 700 metres.

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