Luto is the name of the native, shamanistic faith in the Islands of Kyrkraut. Current High Shamaness (the title is actually Talanoa i Agaga, the One who talks with Spirits) is Nalani Ositaulaga.

Followers of Luto believe, that shamans can contact the Otherworld, Italatu, and communicate with spirits, either to guide them to the Afterlife or to ask them for advice, typically in healing diseases.


Legends and Myths



Through entering a trance, a Shaman enters the Spirit World, either to guide a soul or to ask a soul for help. Lotu-Shamans usually do not have Spirit Guides. These visions are usually rather problem-focussed, but there have been several instances recorded, where they weren't.

Healing Ceremonies

While Shamanistic Healing Practices are still used to some extend, their usage is usually as a last resort. Most often treated by Shamans in Kyrkraut are chronic headaches and insomnia.




The tradition of Bodypainting was originally developed as a practice of Lotu for certain rituals.



Lotu-Shaminism is often called an ecological religion, mainly because it has a complex system of environmental resource management, avoiding the depletion of resources due to overfishing. This system is transmitted by stories and myths told by the Shamans.

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