Lugh the Seafarer was a High King of the Selkie, ruling from 76 BCE to 30 BCE. His reign is, especially in the latter half, known as a short Silver Age for the Selkie, which was kept up by his son only to end during the reign of his successor.



Lugh the Seafarer and High Queen Aeoifa of Teanga had nine living children and a couple of stillborn children. After Aeoifa died in 64 BCE after the birth of her last stillborn, Lugh the Seafarer never again married.

  • Prince Irereo, who became High King in 25 BCE, as elected by the Assembly of the Clans.
  • Princess Tailtiu, who took up the position of the mother in lieu of her deceased mother, who was known for her 'argumentation amplifiers'.
  • Prince Nuada, who was known as a skillfull seaman.
  • Princess Macha, who was known as the best diplomat of the Land.

Of the stillborn children, only three names are known:


Personal Relations

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